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Winland Garden Tools dedicate in R& D and manufacture the high quality garden tools in Taiwan especially in pruning shears and grass shears. We develop more than 120 garden tool, and we continue to develop new garden items every year. Our goals of design are ERGONOMIC, INNOVATION, FUNCTIONAL, and fulfill customer’s needs. In pruning shears, we have bypass hand pruner, anvil secateurs, trimming garden scissors, ratchet pruning shear, and long reach pruner. Especially, we design the auto-rotating handle that let garden workers more comfortable and easy to use. In grass shears, we have fixed grass shear, 180° and 360° swivel blade ergonomic lawn shear, and telescopic grass shears. We design various tools that satisfy various customers and markets. In addition, we design new gardening cutting tool - long reach pruner, with very practical and useful functions. Customers will get lots of application with a single long reach pruner. Also we manufacture Stainless Steel Grafting Knife and Stainless Steel Garden knife. Sharpening Tool is for Kitchen knife sharpener, stationary scissors sharpener, and cutting tool sharpener. Tool Set for garden is also our product. Product patents are also granted worldwide. Because of the commitment in R&D technical, we have sold our gardening tool to Europe, USA, Japan, and worldwide for many years. We not only design for our own brand name products, but also serve many major brand name garden tools buyer with OEM and ODM. Our customers agree with our quality and acknowledge us as a reliable long-term tool supplier. Our R&D teams, for new products and customer’s requirements, have major breakthrough and innovation on products every quarter, every year. We can manager the fast-changing international market. In addition, in company management and structure, we have pass ISO 9001 certification. That will make our customers more reliable and comfortable to do business with Winland Garden Tools Co., Ltd.

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