2 in 1 Weeder - Weeder and Cutter

2 in 1 Weeder - Weeder and Cutter

2 in 1 Weeder & Cutter
Stainless Steel Blade and Body
Non-slip & Ergonomic PVC handle for comfortable use
Traditionally we use finger to pull out the weeds. It's hard to move whole piece of weed, and the roots stay in the ground still. Importantly, the finger gets dirty and the dust gets into the nail. It’s difficult to wash it clean. The finger skin is damaged easily!
Our NEW Product – "Weeder & Cutter". It pull out the weeds easily, cleanly, efficiently!!
Meantime, the cutter allows your gardening work anytime!
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Blade: Stainless Steel blades
Handle: Stainless Steel Body with non-slip PVC grips 
Packing: Tie on card, 8/48/CTN, 2.2', 7.5/8.5kgs

Patented in

Patented in EU, China, Taiwan

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