Ergonomic Garden Shears

Ergonomic Anvil Pruning Shears

Angled Design: You don't have to bend your wrist to cut the branch.
High carbon steel blade with a non-stick coating - ideal for close, clean cuts that encourage new growth. Lightweight plastic handle, non-slip, and soft TPR grips for extended periods of gardening work. Specially designed shape for landscaping and gardening needs.
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Ergonomic Garden Shears
-Upper blade: High carbon steel, non-stick coating.
-Lower blade: Strong carbon steel, Grey non-stick coating.
-Handle: Plastic Handle, non-slip & soft TPR grips
-Sliding lock for both Right & Left hand users.
-Bonus feature: adjustable switch for blade opening size.
-Big opening- cutting capacity: 15mm
-Small opening- cutting capacity: 10mm

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